SJBC Radio is getting ready to begin its first year of Internet broadcasting in its new iteration, after an 8 year run as AMOL Radio on live365.com. Our new designation is meant to highlight our shift in programming from a music and entertainment station, to one that will keeps it’s musical focus intact, while transitioning to a more business-oriented talk format, showcasing S. Jersey’s best businesses through traditional commercial exposure as well as feature programs aimed at more clearly showcasing the individual business that comprise the SJBC membership.

This is the first time that we have broadcast a 24/7/365 schedule since our inception. Obviously it is impossible to have live, on-air talent, full-time. We will strive to make sure that we have a live broadcasting block, each and every day for your listening pleasure. We publish a monthly list of all our scheduled, live broadcast as far in advance as possible. Additionally, you can subscribe to our weekly email newsletter to stay up-to-date on what we have scheduled each week.

Please be aware that we are a commercial station and as such we air professionally produced sweepers, station ID’s and other promotional clips at various times throughout the day. We also air 30 and 60 second advertisements from our commercial sponsors . We make every effort to run a minimum number of ads per hour. Most of our business oriented programming is run on Saturday mornings. These consist of shows containing relevant business information aimed directly at helping individuals grow their business through marketing and promotional programs, as well as locally produced segments showcasing individual local businesses and the entrepreneurs that built them.

We are currently looking for serious individuals that are interested in broadcasting their own show on our station, live, from their home or office on a continuing, regularly scheduled basis to help us bring more variety to our listening audience. Internet broadcasting is not a very complicated endeavor and once you acquire the requisite hardware and software, you can be broadcasting in a very short period of time.

If you are interested in running commercials for your company, having your business, product or service showcased in one of our Saturday morning segments, or if you would like to look into having your own DJ show on our station, please contact our office at 853.649.1001, or complete our on line form, here.

We look forward to having you as a loyal listener or proving your business with an economical way to promote your business to the S. Jersey business community. We strongly value your input and are looking forward to hearing from you in the near future. In the interim - sit back, relax and enjoy a truly great ‘classic rock’ playlist.

Please tell your friends and business associates about our station and help us grow our listener base. We’d very much appreciate your efforts on our behalf and we look forward to becoming a part of your day..

 MAC PRO - Late 2013 Edition

3.5 GHz Six-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor
64GB 1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory
1TB PCIe-based flash storage
Dual AMD FirePro D700 w/ 6GB GDDR5 VRAM Each
Apple 30" Hi-Def Cinema Display
Logitech C9060 Webcam
Logitech Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard
Kensington Orbit Trackball
Seagate 1TB External Back-up Drive
Behringer Eurorack UB1204FX - Pro Mixer
Shure SM7B w/dbx 286s Mic Preamp/Processor
JK Audio Innkeeper 1rx Digital Hybrid


MAC MINI - Late 2014 Edition

3.0 GHz Intel Core i7 processor
16GB 1600MHz DDR3 ECC memory
256MB PCIe-based flash storage
Intel Iris w/ 1.5GB VRAM
Apple 30" Hi-Def Cinema Display
Logitech C9060 Webcam
Logitech Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard
Kensington Orbit Trackball
Seagate 500GB External Back-up Drive
Behringer EXYNX UB1202FX - Pro Mixer
Shure SM7B w/ Cloudlifter Mic Preamp
JK Audio Digital Hybrid Podcast Host


OSX Yosemite 10.10.3 - Apple
MegaSeg DJ and Music Automation - Fidelity Media
128kbs Streaming Server - FidelityMedia.com
Nicecast - Rogue Amoeba
Audio Hijack and Audio Hijack Pro - Rogue Amoeba
Audition - Adobe Creative Cloud

 Special Thanks to Jason Cox at Fidelity Media for His World-Class Support

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